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Hello Storytellers! In this blog post, we are going to discuss the version 1.5 and 1.6 updates with you. 

Below are the most prominent version 1.5 updates of the browser app:

We transformed the Mobile App User Interface (UI)

Brighter and more user-oriented welcome page.Brighter and more user-oriented welcome page.

Enhanced mobile dashboard (list of your content)Enhanced mobile dashboard (list of your content)

Easy to use campaign selection.Easy to use campaign selection.

More visually stunning call to action (CTA) selection page.

Easy to add videos, photos, audio, or text from your phone or computer!

In addition, video and upload audio speeds are much faster. Audio uploads also have a timer, so you know how long you’ve been voice recording.

Here is a list of the other updates we’ve made in release 1.5:

  • We redesigned the login page to make it more inviting.
  • We added analytics to story pages.
  • We enabled automatically rotating images when taken from the phone.
  • We fixed an issue on the promo grid story type that was creating large white space on small videos.
  • New users have more friendly messaging on their next steps.
  • We added loading icons to pages to make it clear that they are loading.
  • We made content sort in reverse chronological order on mobile dashboard.
  • We added custom, more attractive URLs for stories.
  • Long descriptions no longer make certain pages look awful.
  • The dashboard and content pages on mobile now display the campaign and call to action info for selected content.

Below are the most prominent version 1.6 updates of the browser app:

New access code for events

When an event is created, users now have the option to generate an access code that allows any attendees with that code to log in directly to the app. No messy account activation is required.

Once logged in, attendees are taken directly to the “Choose Your Event” page from which they select their event and proceed to respond to actions that have already been pre-uploaded.

Picture of login page:

Picture of “Choose Your Event” page:

“No actions currently assigned to you” error has been eliminated 

We eliminated a pesky bug where users got the message “no actions currently assigned to you” even if your actions were enabled and were within the proper start and end date time frames.

More straightforward and singular user process