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An 8 MegaPixel (8MP) camera means that the camera contains 8 million pixels through which one can take high resolution images. For regular cameras, the front camera is self-explanatory as it is located on the front of the camera, which allows for taking photos facing forward. For tablets however, the front camera is located on the same side of the tablet display and has the lens facing the user. This enables the user to take selfies and conduct video chats such as FaceTime. Keep in mind that theĀ  quality of the tablet front camera is not as sharp as the rear camera because the front camera contains lower specifications in terms of lens quality and camera sensor quality. That is why the rear camera is meant for taking pictures, whereas the front camera is meant for video calls and selfies.


Tablet NameManufacturerCamera TypeWidget Code
Apple iPadApple8mp camera
1.2mp front camera

Apple iPad AirApple8mp camera
7mp front camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung8mp camera
5mp front camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
Samsung13mp camera
8mp front camera

When considering which tablet to buy, there are a many things to consider. If you want a more stable and user friendly tablet, then the iPad is for you. However, if you want a more customizable tablet and much greater access to different devices, then the Android tablet is your best friend. There are many other considerations to take into account, see article for further details.